Workshops at Soulfit

If you're looking to push your practice or massively slow it down, we've collaborated with some deeply talented teachers to enable you to nourish and enrich your experience at Soulfit.

Hope you can join us.

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baby massage course - 5week course - £60

With Anna Vinton

Every Tuesday, 1-2.30pm

IAIM certified infant massage instructor Anna will teach you how to massage your baby, taking you on a gorgeous lifelong journey for you and your baby. She will guide you through techniques that will help relax & calm your baby. Baby massage can help soothe symptoms of teething, colic & constipation.

This is a baby-led environment- crying, changing & feeding is all welcome.

Massage oil & refreshments are included.

Please call Anna to book your place - 07786510702

Sarah Alice Lee

Sarah Alice Lee

Yin immersion workshop - £28

With Sarah Alice Lee

Saturday 8th June, 2.30-4.30pm

Join Sarah Alice for a special workshop that will take you on a deeper journey into the history of Yin Yoga and how to implement its teachings in your daily life.  This experience is perfect for those who are wanting to take a detailed look at the practice from both an eastern & western medicine approach. We will be exploring:

·      Chakra balancing through asana

·       Knowledge of the meridians of the body and how to access them through the connective tissues of the body

·      Our emotional bodies, how trauma in the body can be released in this practice

·      The effects of Yin on a cellular and hormonal level

·      Creating suppleness & release in the joints

·      How meditation & mindfulness complement our physical practice

·      The use of pranayama (the breathe)

Bring your journal to make notes or simply enjoy the restorative physical practice and guided meditation.  Suitable for beginners and experience practitioners.
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Isis Du Jour

Isis Du Jour

Tracy Jane Sullivan

Tracy Jane Sullivan

harp & restore - summer solstice celebration - £35

With Isis du Jour

Saturday 22nd June, 2.30-4.30pm

Come and join Isis du Jour for this extra long restorative flow class, dedicated to the Summer Solstice.
This 2-hour long restorative yoga class is supported with ‘LIVE’ harp music by Tracy Jane Sullivan.

This afternoon will be a journey through restorative and yin postures, all aiming to RELAX, RESTORE and RECHARGE.

In this class you will be guided through the postures slowly and mindfully and each pose will be tailored to your own needs.
The sound of the harp compliments the yoga practice beautifully and will help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation.

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Paul Collins

Paul Collins

introduction to meditation & irest yoga nidra - £125

6-week course (includes book & weekly downloads)

With Paul Collins


iRest Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice that is used for stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and PTSD. It has it’s roots in ancient meditation learnings that have been used for thousands of years. Over this 6-week course we will be exploring the key steps to help us begin our meditation journey. Starting with simple techniques to create an inner safe space in which to meditate, the course will progress through learnings on body & breath; on becoming a witness and acknowledging any negative chatter that many of us see as a barrier to fully experiencing the benefits of meditation. Each hour long session will include a short meditation, as well as a longer practice as we journey deeper into each section. As part of your course enrolment, you will be equipped with a guide to meditation book written by Paul, and a download of each week’s session, which will enable you to continue your meditation journey as you progress each week. This 6-week course costs £125 Inclusive iRest Yoga Nidra Book, Weekly download + x4 extra meditations