How lucky we are to have Soulfit........yogaeverydamnday!
— Gaye
Soulfit where have you been all my life!!! So wonderful to have yoga/boxfit taught with such passion
— Celia
Fantastic Studio! Love that we can dip in and out of classes, Thanks
— Sarah H
Love this place. Thanks for helping me find a centre in a fast and busy world
— Katie
A weekly essential elixer for life
— Nicola
Congratulations on setting this beautiful space up. It’s really amazing to see and experience all your plans coming to life! Every time I step foot in here I feel an instant positive vibe which helps me throughout the day. Thankyou
— Ness
This place is simply amazing! Thank you so much for taking the plunge, you guys are brave and inspiring. The value of bringing all of these amazing teachers together under one roof and in such an accessible way is invaluable.
— Susannah
Training with Gyles helped me enormously to stand a busy and difficult life: it gave me strength and relieved the stress
— Antonella Manacorda - Conductor
Gyles is a really expert personal trainer. He has the skill to know exactly what works and how to get the best out of the hour’s session. I always feel confident that his judgement on what I can do is exactly right and I know training with him is doing me so much good. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting help with improving fitness
— Dr Janet Mc Gowan, 60
I trained with Gyles following several years of poor health in a bid to lose some of the stubborn fat around my middle and generally tone up.What I achieved with his help was far more than this! Using kettlebells and various bodyweight exercises including boxing, my overall strength and fitness improved very quickly in a short space of time. (I would never have managed this on my own)Each workout was thought about and tailored to suit my needs & then discussed which always lead to an energetic and enjoyable workout with useful tips and encouragement from Gyles at all times
— Stuart, 57 - MD
I started personal training with Gyles a few months ago, and to my surprise I am still continuing this! I have gone from non-exerciser to starting sessions realising how very unfit I was - success criteria was that I didn’t die... - to actually quite enjoying them and getting a buzz out of it. I have muscles now :) I’ve also never felt ‘judged’ and that for me is huge.

Gyles is encouraging & positive, doesn’t give me an easy ride but knows how & when to push and when not. I am so far past the point where I would normally have given up, but p/t with Gyles is the one thing that has kept me going and motivated to continue*
— Kate, 42 - Teacher
Before fitbot I was weak enough to twist my knee going through a rail ticket barrier. 4 weeks of training later, I was strong enough to pull a 40 kilo pulk across 100 miles of ice and felt like I was in my early twenties again. Have enjoyed it so much I’ve kept the training going just to keep feeling good and stop twisting my knee through ticket barriers
— Ed, 40 - Producer
Gyles offers gentle but assertive guidance in my pt sessions. I work harder with him on a one-to-one basis than I know I would ever push myself on my own so for that the training is excellent. He also gives a varied workout so it’s never boring and it’s tailored to my own areas of strength/weakness so I get the best work out for me. The sense of pride of getting through a workout is great and Gyles provides encouragement so that you always feel good about your sessions. The sessions are definitely an investment and when you see the results, and feel as good as you do after, it’s all relevant and worth every penny
— Nicola, 38 - Florist
What a wonderful contribution to Lewes life. Hannah (Pilates) is a wonderful educator!
— Caroline
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— Pablo
I come out of T’s classes feeling centred, rested, at one with the world and the next day I’m full of life. I wish I could do her classes every day. Thankyou T and all at Soulfit
— Cheryl
I love Boxfit with Gyles. Even though I’m often tired at the end of the week I’m always up for such an enjoyable and energising class. Thank you
— Anneliese
Lovely relaxing Sessions taught with wonderful thought
— Sue
The outdoor sessions are like a beautiful gift ‘staycation’
— Nicola