Zoe Gale - Holistic Massage & Bodywork


zoe gale

Intuitive in her approach, Zoe combines deep massage with reflexology and cranial treatment - hence the description Holistic massage & Bodywork.  

Zoe has been interested in health and healing from a young age. Since qualifying in massage and hydrotherapy in 2000 she has continued to study various bodywork modalities and is passionate about bringing new skills /understanding of the human body to her treatments.

Treatments are tailored to each individual session and combine caring, competent techniques that can include oil massage, pressure point techniques, working with the body's fascia and reflex points on the hands, feet and ears where appropriate, as well as energetic work to hold a space in which the clients self-healing can be supported. Zoe aims to work to release and balance the structures of the body and to nurture a sense of wellbeing for the mind and spirit.


Prices are £45/hour

To book an appointment call or email us at Soulfit - Info@wearesoulfit.com or 01273 009509