Focused Training

Unlike Group Classes, Personal Training Sessions are purely focused on you and your goals. In order for us to create a completely bespoke training programme we will always start with a Health and Fitness Assessment. Goals can differ, whether that’s toning up, losing weight, recovering from injury or training for a Marathon - as a result the Soulfit approach is always different and the manner in which we help you achieve your goals will be dependant on what you find enjoyable.

We never train with you, it’s about you not us and we wouldn’t be able to give you our full attention if we were working alongside you. If you want to push yourself to the limit, that’s fine we can help you do that, work with you to get through the toughest stages and push yourself further than you have before. Similarly if “pushing to the limit’ approach is not for you we won’t force you down that route - the point is we will take an approach that works for you, but it will be consultative and we are always looking for improvement.


Every session will be different

Firstly because we want you to enjoy your sessions, and from past experience variety is one of the major factors when it comes to maintaining motivation and enjoyment. Motivation is absolutely essential when it comes to achieving your goals.

Secondly, we want to put your body under stress...that’s good stress! Once your body has got used to the same exercise/routine it stops adapting, which means you plateau, you don’t get stronger or you burn less calories depending on what your target is. Changing the routine or types of exercises you are doing increases the stress on your body which means it has to change and adapt. For those wanting to lose weight this is especially good news as when the body adapts you will be burning Calories for a long time after a session as the body uses energy to get itself into a comfortable and changed state.


Life Changing

It’s sounds a little dramatic to talk about training as life changing! But it seriously can be, your body will change, so will your mood and mental state. Soulfit Personal Training is focused on making long lasting, permanent change, our ultimate aim is to make sure that you integrate a healthy way of living into your everyday routine.