Claire Alexander Moore


Claire Alexander Moore teaches a form of taoist energy yoga and ki-gong called Body and Brain, which has origins in an ancient East Asian energy training Sundo. The modern day version is a fusion of Meridian Stretching, Ki-Gong, Vibration and Moving Mediation, and was founded by Ilchi Lee who started the practice over 30 years ago.


Claire has been teaching Body and Brain for 8 years, first in London and now in Brighton and Lewes. She is from Australia and after finding herself suddenly married, pregnant and pretty alone in London she went on a quest to find her 'internal sun' which she found through this practice.  The complete transformation and awakening she experienced propelled her to do her teacher training and teach Body and Brain. She has experience teaching adults, pregnancy classes and she is also qualified to teach children. She is dedicated to her own development and understands that when she grows, her students grow. She is mother of 3, and also makes art and writes.

For further info on Body and Brain Yoga Ki-Gong: (UK) or (US)

For Claire's artwork, inspired by her practice and study of the Tao: