Postnatal yoga (babies welcome too)


Pregnancy and childbirth can put a significant strain on the body, so it’s important to return to exercise gradually after having a baby -  no matter how the birth went! These dedicated postnatal yoga classes are designed to rebuild your strength and stamina slowly, working from the core outwards, and are run by a specially-trained yoga teacher who knows how to work safely with the postnatal body. Most women don’t realise that your body is considered to be ‘postnatal’ for up to 2 years after birth, so your postnatal body deserves kindness and respect, as well as time and patience. You will still be affected by the elevated pregnancy hormones for many months afterwards too, so it’s vital not to over-stretch or go back into your regular exercise practice too soon.  

These yoga classes are a fantastic way to return to yoga after birth, and will strengthen and rejuvenate the body whilst safely regaining core strength. They are suitable for women from 6 weeks after birth, or 8 weeks following a c-section. Come on your own or bring your baby along too – we encourage mums to play with, feed and bond with their babies throughout the class.