Paul Collins - Certified iRest Yoga Nidra meditation teacher.



Paul Collins is an IYN Registered Yoga Elder, a Certified iRest Yoga Nidra meditation teacher and is a trained Systemic Family Constellation facilitator. He works with groups or 1-1 with the iRest practice to support clients working with deep trauma. Paul has worked supporting people deal with PTSD and addictions including military veterans, in rehabs, mental health units and prison - as well as with people coping with the stresses of daily life.

A Doctor said of his work:

"Paul is an understated gem. Having worked as a GP and experienced mental health difficulties myself, I am convinced that his approach is one of the few that has the potential to heal. Nearly every other therapeutic approach I have encountered, both personally and professionally, is about management and symptom control. His simple (not to be equated with easy) yet profound therapeutic style and philosophy has enabled me to recover from some devastating effects of traumatic stress which I hadn't thought possible. If I hadn't found him, my only hope would have been long-term medication and significant limitations to my life. He embodies kindness".

He is available at Soulfit regularly on Wednesday mornings and other days by appointment. 

Prices: Adults £60, discount for a series of sessions.  Treatments are 60 minutes. Longer sessions available for Systemic Family Constellation work.

To book an appointment call or email us at Soulfit - or 01273 009509