Charlotte McMenemy - Cranial Sacral Therapist


charlotte mcMenemy Dip.  C.C.S.T

Having been introduced to Cranial Sacral Therapy in her 20’s Charlotte qualified as a practitioner in 2011.  This gentle bodywork treatment relieves compression in the bones of the Cranium (head), Sacrum (tail-bone), feet and other parts of the body.  It is known for its powerful ability to alleviate stress and pain throughout the body.  Charlotte has a calming and reassuring impact on her patients, and works to facilitate the body’s innate wisdom and underlying ability to heal itself.

A mum of 4, she launched the successful raw snack range 100 Percent Natural Foods with her eldest daughter Jess, which is stocked in Infinity Foods & Sainsbury’s. W:


Prices: Adults £65 Children £45.  Treatments are 45 minutes, with an hour for the first appointment.

To book an appointment call or email us at Soulfit - or 01273 009509