Ariane Plumley - Ayurvedic Yoga Massage & Aromatherapy



Ariane has been practicing a varied array of bodywork therapies since 2001, extending her experience and interest in health and the mind over the years by studying many forms of therapy, working abroad, in clinics, and building a massage therapy business in Lewes, Brighton and London. Ariane offers tailored, holistic therapies, that seeks to provide long-term benefits to her customers

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

A powerful stress relief technique that uses unique breath work, Ayurvedic massage and yoga-inspired stretches which seek to give a sense of space within the body, deep relief of stress and tension and re-alignment. This technique is active, meditative and ideal for yoga and sport practitioners, for those who seek to improve flexibility, physical strength and an energising harmony throughout the body.

Prices are £75/2hr


A calming holistic technique that uses deep tissue massage as well as individual blends of essential oils with therapeutic properties to promote health and well-being. This is a relaxing, nourishing and useful technique when aiming to treat very specific ailments such as emotional or physiological issues whilst enjoying a relaxing massage. Recommended for pregnancy, depression, sleep disorders, low immunity, muscle ache, digestive imbalance, respiratory problems etc. Please enquire for more info if needed. Initial consultation required.

Prices are £50/1hr or £65/1.5hr


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