Sabine Dahn



Having practiced yoga since1980 Sabine bases her teaching on the traditions of T. Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar of Chennai, India which uses yoga to calmly navigate the physical, mental and emotional challenges on all levels.  Her teachings set out to maintain and restore good health & wellbeing, helping her students find peace and contentment in their practice.

Sabine is an inspirational teacher who has worked with a diverse group of people in and around Brighton - hardworking people in need of releasing stress and revitalizing their energies, senior citizens in residential homes, people with many physical health conditions and/or mental health difficulties looking for relief from symptoms and for ways to take charge of their own health; this has included specific collaborations with MIND and one-to-one therapeutic support on the oncology ward at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. She passionately believes that yoga can offer genuine support in all life situations.

Group classes can provide a lot of valuable peer support practicing amongst like-minded people whilst respecting your own goals and abilities. She also teachers yoga individually for those who wish to work more specifically with their own needs and to establish a personal home practice.

In addition Sabine works as a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor offering individual skincare consultations – our skin is our interface between our inner and our outer world and keeping it healthy and vibrant is of upmost importance to our overall health.  Watch this space for Soulfit/Weleda collaborations!

When not on the mat, Sabine is a passionate potter, either teaching others to find their own expression in clay, or creating lights inspired by Roman oil lamps, ancient Minoan culture, the sea and the symbolic nature of light in our lives.  We’re blessed to have her on our team and look forward to growing our over 60 and community classes under her watchful eye.

Attending Sabine's classes are a pleasure for me. I am very impressed with the content of the sessions & feel that I have moved on so much with my yoga practice in the few months I have been attending Sabine’s class. She is a skillful teacher, always sensitive & ‘tuned in’ to the needs of her students - whether they be 'regulars' or new attenders. Her instructions are always clear & for the duration of the class she is constantly networking amongst participants: giving advice, 'tweaking' positions/movements, checking that everything is going okay, so that all students are included & benefit as much as possible from this nurturing class.
I always look forward to the classes with Sabine & am grateful that I have discovered them because she is such an excellent & mindful teacher’.

Sabine teaches Mindful Movement yoga on Wednesdays at 1pm-2pm