Our Story

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Gyles, Fiona and their children are a local Lewes family who are involved with many aspects of the local Community. They love their town and feel that Soulfit will add something new and exciting to an already vibrant community.

Gyles got into Personal Training through his own relationship with fitness and the positive impact it had on his own life. Following a pretty demanding job in media, with long hours and many work based pressures, exercise was always his main outlet for stress relief.  

He knows, first-hand, how difficult it can be to fit exercise around busy schedules, but also understands the enormous benefits it has on every aspect of our lives - physically and mentally.

He has a passion for fitness and has always made time for it, whether training for numerous Marathons and Ultra Marathons, Athletics meets or representing other sports teams around the country.

He continually strives to find new and inventive ways for clients to reach their goals, from studying new forms of exercise through to investigating and introducing the latest kit. 

He believes that fasting, crash courses and short-cuts to fitness that shed pounds in days do not achieve permanent and positive change. Healthy living and exercise needs to become part of the routine of everyday life - something that lasts a lifetime.

Fiona spent the majority of her career in publishing, working in a variety of roles from Editorial and Creative Partnerships through to Project management. She is an active member of the local community working on the Pell's Pool Committee and as Chair for a 10k charity run. Fitness has always run alongside her busy lifestyle, with running and yoga closest to her heart. 

Having practised with many incredible yoga teachers over the years, Fiona has developed a deep love of the spiritual, physical and mental benefits it brings to people’s lives. It’s this deep passion that is driving her to create a beautiful, friendly and welcoming space for people to enter and escape the daily challenges of the outside world. 

Their children both attend local Lewes schools and are keen sports enthusiasts themselves, competing in local, district and national competitions for football, gymnastics and athletics. Gyles and Fiona understand what an important part fitness plays in a young family, something they are keen to champion at Soulfit.