Introduction to Meditation & iRest Yoga Nidra


Lead by Paul Collins, certified iRest Yoga nidra teacher

iRest Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice that is used for stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and PTSD.  It has it’s roots in ancient meditation learnings that have been used for thousands of years.

Over this 6-week course we will be exploring the key steps to help us begin our meditation journey. Starting with simple techniques to create an inner safe space in which to meditate, the course will progress through learnings on body & breath; on becoming a witness and acknowledging any negative chatter that many of us see as a barrier to fully experiencing the benefits of meditation.

Each hour long session will include a short meditation, as well as a longer practice as we journey deeper into each section.

As part of your course enrolment, you will be equipped with a guide to meditation book written by Paul, and a download of each week’s session, which will enable you to continue your meditation journey as you progress each week.

This 6-week course costs £125
Inclusive iRest Yoga Nidra Book, Weekly download + x4 extra meditations

Wednesday 1st May, 5.45-6.45pm

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