It's Exam season - we've got the 'Golden Tools' to guide both parents & students through these next few weeks

Exams are a universal rites of passage that we would all probably rather avoid! Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, T has a number of ‘Golden Tools’, which will help you or your child to reach their full potential whilst staying happy, centred and sane.

Kundalini Yoga is a scientific technology that uses a combination of exercise, meditation and mantra (chanting) to balance the endocrine system. This is the system in the body, which is responsible for the secretion of hormones. Through following the simple exercise the body’s glands begin to secrete ‘happy hormones’ which gobble up all the negative impact of cortisol. This links directly to the nervous system & heart rate, bringing the student out of ‘Fight & Flight’ and into ‘Rest & Digest’.

Finally we finish the class with meditation, taking a much needed break from all the negative mental chatter and gaining a bit of clarity & peace.

The overall effects of this practice include improved concentration, positive mood, more resilience, less anxiety, higher self esteem and better sleep.

T has guided lots of Young Adults though this trying time of their lives with amazing results.

Whatever stage of life you are in, this form of Yoga can reap massive benefits.

See you on the mat!

Kundalini yoga with T is every Thursday, 7-8.15pm

‘Before starting with T at Soulfit I had tried a few different types of Yoga, but I had never come across a class which focused on both relaxing and recharging the mind and the body at the same time like Kundalini yoga.

As well as helping me to relax physically, T and Soulfit completely changed my mindset towards stress and self worth, a mindset which then stuck with me during revision and exams.

T’s beautiful energy and support kept me going throughout my A levels, I honestly couldn’t thank her and Soulfit enough!’

Ella Mansell, A Level student

Ella Mansell, A Level student

‘When I took Ella with me to one of T’s Kundalini yoga classes, she immediately fell in love with it and I could instantly see just how much she was benefitting from the experience. After each session Ella had an obvious inner calm, she slept better and seemed more focused the next day. The change may have been small, but it was significant. I would highly recommend students trying a yoga class during their exam period’.

Amanda Grant, Food writer & Ella’s mum


Eat and drink well:

  • Make some healthy treats.  Batch make some energy balls or granola to tuck into when you’re on a break.  This is a great mindful activity for in-between revision, so you’ll benefit from the making as much as the eating ;)

  • Drink lots of water.  Pop fine sliced cucumber, mint or lemons into a large water bottle.  You’ll drink far more if it tastes better.  If it’s a decent sized bottle you can challenge yourself to drink over a litre a day.  If it makes you go to the loo more, see that as a bonus as it’s giving you a break from your notes!

  • Stock up on a selection of your favourite herbal teas - don’t buy the boring ones.  We love Pukka ‘Peppermint & Licorice’; ‘Love’ & ‘Relax’.


  • Whether it’s a half hour run along the river; yoga (at Soulfit obvs.) or just a power walk to the top of Chapel Hill or Chalk Pits you’ll perform better when you’re back at your desk.

Sleep well:

  • Read our blog on how to sleep better

  • Use a blue screen in the evenings, and put the phone/screen down at least an hour before bed.

  • Set your alarm early and go to bed early - if you set a decent routine you’ll perform better.

Take (reasonable) breaks:

  • Step away from your desk to do any of the above.

  • Take a break from social media, no need for us to say why!

  • Catch up with your friends for some face to face time - they’re going through the same fears, so it helps to share this experience and support each other.

Gyles Abbott