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BUN + BEAN at soulfit

Our cafe is a perfect fit for Soulfit. We provide nutritious and delicious food, specialty single origin coffee, high end teas, smoothies and kombucha.

All our food is gluten free, diary free and free from refined sugars. We have a range of delicious raw treats, over-night soaked oats and seasonal salad bowls.

Everything we provide can either be enjoyed in or taken away. We especially love it when customers bring their own reusable cups and food containers!

Whether you are attending a class at Soulfit, or not, we would love to see you. Come and relax in the calming atmosphere that Soulfit provides.

Opening hours

Tuesday 9:30am - 2pm

Wednesday 9:30am - 2pm

Thursday 9:30am - 2pm

Friday 9:30 - 2pm

Saturday 9am - 12pm

Sunday 10am -12pm